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If you prefer to have ongoing HR support from a named person but cannot justify employing a HR function then our retained services are ideal for you.  By engaging with DEMand RESULTS on a retained basis you will gain a reliable HR Consultant  who will personally work with you and support you, giving you confidence, peace of mind and time to focus on your business without the distractions of grappling with complex people management issues.

As part of our retained outsourced HR services packages,  DEMand RESULTS will ensure that:

  • Your business is fully compliant and up-to-date with the requirements of employment law and ACAS Code of Practice.

  • You have ongoing access to HR advice, support  and guidance

  • Your HR Policies, Procedures and Processes support you and help to improve business performance.

  • Support and guidance is provided to manage grievances and disciplinary procedures

  • HR Training, coaching, mentoring and leadership training is provided to raise capability of individuals and teams to deal with personnel management issues

  • Any voluntary or statutory  redundancies are managed to minimise the risks of unfair dismissal claims

  • Changes to employment contracts, terms and conditions or ways of working are managed and implemented effectively.

This is a flexible service which can be a completely outsourced service or a service that enhances your current HR Department,  contact us now to find out more about our packages and see how we can help


I am a complete convert to the benefits of having proper HR support, the peace of mind and confidence this brings makes this commitment very worthwhile